Awnings by Campbelltown Blinds

Installing custom-made outdoor awnings from Campbelltown Blinds immediately add value and increase functionality to your property. Our extensive range of awnings can transform any outdoor spaces.

Outdoor custom-made awnings can control the amount of light, heat and UV rays that enter your home. Not only do they help control sunlight, but they also provide privacy for you and your family. An essential addition to any home, custom-made awnings are both practical and aesthetic.

Campbelltown Blinds has designs that can suit any outdoor space: second-floor windows, pergolas, backyards, verandas, decks, balconies and sun-drenched patios. We mainly service the Macarthur Region – Sydney (City of Campbelltown, Camden Council, Wollondilly Shire and Narellan).

Outdoor Awnings in the Macarthur Region

We have a range of styles (Alfresco Blinds, Zip Style Screens, Fixed Steel Awnings, Folding Arm Awnings, Straight Drop Awnings, Spring-Operated or Automatically-Retracting Awnings and Pivot Arm Awnings). We also have many fabrics and colours to choose from.

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    Main benefits of outdoor custom-made blinds and awnings:

    • Reducing sun glare
    • Reducing airflow
    • Saving energy on heating and cooling systems
    • Saving money on heating and cooling systems
    • Reducing UV rays
    • Controlling sunlight
    • Providing privacy to your family
    • Great functionality with motorised systems
    • Fantastic aesthetic touch
    Outdoor Awnings in the Macarthur Region

    We have a great range of awnings available:

    Fabric – Somerton® Canvas

    Made to last, durable colour vibrancy, classic and contemporary style are the main feature of this total blockout external sun protection fabrics.

    Folding Arm Awnings

    Our outdoor folding arm awnings offer adjustable shade and shelter from the sun. We recommend this solution to increase the living space of a deck or an outdoor area. The folding arm awning is installed on the wall without taking up floor space.

    Straight Drop Awnings

    Our outdoor straight drop awnings are similar to blinds that run perpendicular to the floor. Despite the fact that it is a more classic and traditional style, this type of custom-made outdoor awnings has now presented in a clean and modern look. Very easy to operate, we suggest the straight down awnings for outdoor areas where guide channels are not suitable. When rolled-up they disappeared and when rolled-down they can be fixed directly to the floor or a railing.

    Pivot Arm Awnings

    Our outdoor pivot arm awnings, not fitted directly to the window, use a set of arms and UV resistant fabric to create a shield from the sunlight, which is controlled through the angle or pitch, allowing at the same time for airflow underneath.

    Spring-Operated or Automatically-Retracting Awnings

    Our outdoor spring-operated awnings, also called automatically-retracting awnings, are a traditional type of awnings still requested by many Australian house owners. This type of awning offers great protection from the heat, glare and UV lights.  They can be lowered and raised, and the height is adjustable, by easily holding the rail of the window awning. There is a large selection of colours and styles to be chosen from.

    Alfresco Blinds

    Our outdoor alfresco blinds provide a quick simple, and affordable alternative to renovating. Expand your space without renovating. Add another room to your home. Our outdoor alfresco blinds are custom made in Sydney, and as they are available in all colours and fabrics, they are designed specifically to your needs and requirements. They are available in channel guide, zip screen, or can be fully motorised.

    Zip Style Screens

    Our outdoor zip style screen is the ultimate external screening solution for any outdoor area or window. Specially designed for alfresco entertaining areas such as pergolas, verandahs, and balconies, it offers privacy and protection from the sun, wind, rain, and insects all year round.

    Fabric – Visiontex™ Plus

    This is a new generation material that offers exceptional versatility for a wide range of outdoor awnings, patio and pergola screens and drops blinds, lightweight sails and more.

    Fabric – Outlook Mode

    The great strength of Outlook Mode fabric is its ability to reflect up to 95% of solar rays, while still allowing air to pass through. The result of this is a naturally more refreshing and more comfortable environment for you to enjoy across the long summer months.