Panel Glides

Designed for effortless light control, these blinds glide and stack sideways through multiple tracking systems. Their 45mm panel overlap makes them a great choice for sliding doors, windows, and room dividers.

You can decide whether the panels stack to the side or at the centre, offering a simple yet stylish solution for your space.

Choose from Blockout or Light Filtering fabrics to transform any room.

8/10 Light Block Score

Panel Glides

Product Information


  • Wand Operated


We can customise:

  • Track colour
  • Bottom bar colour
  • Panel
  • Quantity of panels (3-5)

Lead Time

3-5 Weeks


  • Blockout No light will pass through the fabric, great for bedrooms.
  • Light filtering This allows natural filtered light in, great for living areas.
  • Screen Mesh type fabric with a 5% open weave, this still allows you to take in the view and cut out the direct sun and heat.


  • Reveal fit inside the window frame
  • Face fit fitted to the architrave or wall

Technical Information

  • Maximum Width 4000mm
  • Minimum Width 1600mm
  • Maximum Drop 3000mm
  • Side Gaps 10mm
  • Bottom Gap 15mm
  • Gap Between Blinds when split 20mm