Roman Blinds

Elegant and functional, these blinds allow adjustable light, enhance window aesthetics, and serve as effective insulators. They can be raised above the window, acting as a pelmet, preserving natural light.

Choose from various linings for bedrooms or spacious living rooms. Despite their luxurious appearance, Roman blinds have a minimal footprint, leaving room for decor.

Note: not waterproof, so best for dry areas.

9/10 Light Block Score

Roman Blinds

Product Information


  • Chain


We can customise:

  • Fabric colours

Lead Time

4-5 Weeks


  • Blockout No light will pass through the fabric, great for bedrooms.
  • Light filtering This allows natural filtered light in, great for living areas.

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  • Reveal fit inside the window frame
  • Face fit fitted to the architrave or wall

Technical Information

  • Maximum Width 2800mm
  • Minimum Width 500mm
  • Maximum Drop 2400mm
  • Side Gaps 7mm
  • Bottom Gap 10mm
  • Gap between blinds when split 15mm