Installing custom-made Outdoor Blinds and Awnings with us immediately add value and increase functionality to your property.

We offer the best competitive prices in the Macarthur Region – Sydney (City of Campbelltown, Camden Council, Wollondilly Shire and Narellan).

Our extensive range of Outdoor Blinds and Awnings can transform any outdoor spaces. Campbelltown Blinds has designs that can suit any outdoor space: second-floor windows, pergolas, backyards, verandas, decks, balconies and sun-drenched patios.

Outdoor Blinds and Awnings in the Macarthur Region

Outdoor blinds and awnings control the amount of light, heat and UV rays that enter your home. Not only they help control sunlight, but they also provide privacy for you and your family. An essential addition to any home, outdoor blinds and awnings is both practical and aesthetic.

We have different styles: Alfresco Blinds, Zip Style Screens, Fixed Steel Awnings, Folding Arm Awnings, Straight Drop Awnings, Spring-Operated or Automatically-Retracting Awnings and Pivot Arm Awnings. We also have many fabrics and colours to choose from.

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Main benefits of outdoor blinds and awnings:

  • Reducing sun glare
  • Reducing airflow
  • Saving energy on heating and cooling systems
  • Saving money on heating and cooling systems
  • Reducing UV rays
  • Controlling sunlight
  • Providing privacy to your family
  • Great functionality with motorised systems
  • Fantastic aesthetic touch
Outdoor Blinds and Awnings Sydney