Kensington Basswood Plantation Shutters

This light, strong, and sturdy timber boasts a fine texture, resulting in beautifully finished shutters with a uniform, smooth surface. The dimensional stability of Basswood makes these shutters exceptionally durable, resistant to warping, and heat-friendly.

What sets Basswood apart is its ability to accommodate larger and wider panels compared to heavier materials like MDF or PVC, with minimal risk of sagging or bowing. When operating, they feel firm and secure, exuding a luxurious sensation akin to well-crafted timber furniture.

While they share the elegance of timber furniture, it's important to note that Basswood shutters can be wiped dry if dampened, but they should not be exposed to water, especially around joints and blade pivot areas. Water damage remains the primary concern. Unlike PVC, Basswood is an excellent choice where water exposure is minimal.

Basswood Shutters are not just beautiful; they're easy to clean without the need for chemicals. This makes them an excellent choice for dust allergy sufferers and busy families. Choose Basswood Shutters for a blend of natural beauty, practicality, and easy maintenance in your home.

7/10 Light Block Score

Australian PVC Plantation Shutters

Product Information

Mounting Options

  • Face On the architrave or wall
  • Reveal Inside the window/door frame
  • Bi-fold
  • Sliding
  • Fixed
  • Bay windows
  • Corner windows


A durable acrylic paint finish with a clear protective coat that will not crack, chip or split.

Lead Time

8-10 weeks


  • Variety to suit your home
  • Stained/lacquered colours available