Our clients always ask our installers “what is the best way to clean plantation shutters?”. They look amazing and their white colour gives a different light to any room. Unfortunately, they can also easily catch dust.

But do not worry, just follow these simple instructions. Maintaining your new plantation shutters has never been so easy.

Our first recommendation is to clean them twice a year.

Ideally, it would be four times a year at the beginning or end of each season. In this way, you will prolong your shutters life and they will look new as the first day they were installed.

What is the common mistake when cleaning plantation shutters?

Most of the people start cleaning the shutters with a damp cloth. Please do not do that. First, you need to remove the dust. So, the best way to clean your plantation shutters is to follow these easy 3 steps.

Step 1 – Remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner

Use your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. 99% of the vacuum cleaners come with various accessories, and one of them is specific for shutters. Use the soft brush vacuum attachment to suck up all the debris and dust.

Step 2 – Clean it with a dry cloth or a feather duster

Despite using the vacuum cleaner, not 100% of the dust can be removed. This is why with a dry cloth or a dry feather duster you can clean the rest of the remaining dirt and dust.

Step 3 – Wash it with a damp cloth

To make shine your white plantation shutters, it is now time to use a damp cloth to wash them. Use warm water and gentle soap.

Keep particular attention to basswood plantation shutters. They need extra care and you would better to avoid any chemicals that could discolour your shutters. Also, make sure you do not use to much water, otherwise, you risk to warp them.

Best way to clean plantation shutters
Best way to clean basswood plantation shutters


Do not leave any water on the plantation shutters! You must carefully dry all the surfaces. We recommend first to use a dry cloth. Furthermore, leave the shutters open and let it blow dry by the natural fresh air coming from outside (if it is a sunny day). If the weather is not great, use a fan directed to the shutters to blow dry them.

Enjoy your plantation shutters!

Plantation shutters are our favourite addition to any house. They give a modern touch to any rooms. But it is important to carefully maintain them to avoid any warp or bend or damage.

The best way to clean your plantation shutter is to repeat the above steps four times a year. You will remove all the dust and any debris. The more you wait to clean them, the hardest it is to make them shine.

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